Jessica Simpson Is Calling The Whole Lockdown A Bit Crazy With Difficulty Over Zoom Calls along with her three kids! How is she handling all this craziness?

Quarantine is surely proving to be a lot more work that people have actually imagined! As it seems like the situation for celebs is no different either! One of the celebrity has recently opened up about all the newfound struggles that she is facing during this lockdown.

Jessica Simpson Becomes Candid About Her Struggles Durig The Whole Lockdown!

Jessica Simpson recently opened up about how quarantine has been treating her and how’s everything with her three kids and husband Eric Johnson at her Calabasas, California mansion. Take a look at this adorable picture where the family is busy doing some cooking!

The actress has defined the while situation as crazy and while they are getting used to it, she also seems to be struggling with zoom these days. Jessica further opened to about his Eric looks into the maths homework while she handles the English part for the kids. However, they are having a gala time with happy festivities and all this family time to make it all the more special!

The Star Becomes Candid While Talking About Her Journey Of Being Sober.

Apart from the whole quarantine part, she also was absolutely honest about her journey sobriety and how very proud she is to be sober for the last three years. Jessica earlier said how she was a victim of sexual abuse as well.

The pop star has been uploading pictures during the whole quarantine and fans got to get a glimpse of her life during this pandemic shut down. She recently opened up much about her personal life and several other celebs have been opening up about how kids homeworld is one of the newest challenges of home quarantine!