Jessica Biel would like to work with husband Justin Timberlake but she has a condition. Read on to find out.

Justin Randall Timberlake was often known by his initials, JT. In the late 1990s, Timberlake rose to prominence as a vocalist. Established as a solo artist worldwide, his first two albums exceeded 10 million copies. He has produced many more records. He collaborated with several great artists as well. RIAA (Recording Association of America) has certified Timberlake’s album as Platinum or better.

Jessica Biel is an American actress and model who began her carrier as a vocalist, appearing in a musical production.

This weekend, Jessica was busy promoting her new project, Limetown. At the Toronto International Film Festival, she was asked if she would like to work with her husband (Justin Timberlake). She replied that she would love to be his boss. In Limetown, a fictional town is lost. This time a new character has been developed to investigate the secret behind the disappearance of the town.
Limetown would premier with two episodes on October 16, 2019. Well, Jessica is a good person. She has been playing a dark role and working with dark characters but that does not mean she is not good. In an interview, Jessica spoke about her interest in comedy and romantic shows. She would love to work in them. She loves these characters as well, filled with troubles.
Timberlake has always been proud of Biel’s success. On her birthday Justin shared a post, in which he mentioned how lucky he is to have Biel as her wife. He cherishes every moment, which he spends with her.  Amidst all the hustle-bustle, they manage to get time for each other.
When it comes to working with Timberlake, Biel is ready to work with him. She has got one condition and that would be to be the boss. She would instruct him, said Biel laughing. Justin and Timberlake have got a great married life. They just love being together. Fans are excited to see Beil’s new Facebook series, which is all set to hit the digital screen in October this year.

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