Jessica Alba speaks about the Messy side of Motherhood; Says she learns a lot from her children

Being a celebrity might give you several privileges, still, it doesn’t let you get away with the parenting challenges, and the same is true for Jessica Alba. Alba, mother of three finally opens up about her messy motherhood side. But again, Alba has never been afraid of taking new challenges, which she had proved seven years ago when she started her beauty and baby brand, The Honest Company. And it looks like she has taken the parenting challenge also quite well.

The 38 years old entrepreneur is rocking her motherhood duties. Alba has two daughters- Honor,11 and Haven, 8; and a one and a half-year-old son Hayes. Talking about the birth of her Hayes, Alba revealed that when he was born, her daughters treated him like a real-life baby doll. Now, she has a set routine in her life to keep peace managing her kids.

“Everyone says you’re outnumbered [when you have more than two kids] and that it’s challenging, but I really like it. I think because I have such an age gap between my two girls, it brought us together as a family in a different way. We really got to bond over the birth of my third child,” said Alba.

Alba says her schedule has been of the best help to her. She, opening about the parenting difficulties, discussed the troubles that she has to undertake to get all the three kids to sleep because each of them prefers a two-hour-long cuddle than laying down. But she can manage it all by sticking to a schedule. Alba’s routine has been helpful not only to her but to her entire family.