Jessi Combs Died While Trying To Beat Her Own Record! She will be remembered for her Unforgettable Supersonic Speed Challenger!

Jessi Combs has engaged in many racing shows. She participated in popular shows like Mythbusters, Overhauling, All Girls Garage. The ‘fastest woman on wheels’ star died recently trying to set a world record.

Jessi Combs hosted 90 episodes of Xtreme 4×4 which gained her immense popularity. The star dreamt of becoming the fastest woman on earth.

Jessi Combs lost her life in an accident following her rocket car catching fire. She was trying to break her previous record of 398 mph, set in 2013.

Her life and achievements

Jessi Combs was a professional American racer, TV personality and an engineer. She graduated from WyoTech with top marks. Her big break came when she was assigned to build a car for the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association.

She made 4-wheel land speed record of 398 mph driving North American Eagle Supersonic Speed Challenger. Unofficially she made another record of 483 mph.

She advocated women’s place in the metal fabricating industry and was quite active to involve others with her.

The accident

Jessi Combs lost her life in the Alvord Desert, Oregon. She was trying to achieve the speed of 619 to surpass the record set by Kitty O’Neil in 1976(512mph).

Jessi Combs set her rocket car on the field for Northern American Eagle Project. She was about to break the record when her jet car caught fire, the cause of which is unclear.

Her family is in shock and grief post her death.  They describe her as always filled with positivity and brightness.

Her team member Terry Madden confirmed her demise. He was present on the field and tried to do everything to save her but it was not enough.

Jessi Combs was active on Instagram prior to her death. Her posts revealed she was quite excited to eternalize her name in history. She would be dearly missed by all her loved ones. Jessie Combs has inspired so many people and we hope that her soul rests in peace.