Jersey Shore’s JWoww, Snooki & Deena are not over Angelina’s wedding! Why are they still mortified? Check it out!

A wedding is a beautiful feeling in any girl’s life, not only her but also her friends and relatives feel the happiness when it comes to celebrating that day. It’s the day when the bride and the groom share a special appearance at the event. Also, a beautiful night for their families indeed.

What happens if that day gets ruined due to someone else? As an obvious fact, anyone would get angry, won’t they? Now back to reality, why would any such thing ever happen? Well, what if I tell you that it has happened once and with a well-known personality? We all have heard of Angeline Pivarnick’s wedding with Chris Larangeria. Not only was it a special day for the two, but also an embarrassing night for the two.

What happened that night?

Tough to believe, but the truth is that Angelina’s co-stars namely JWoww, Snooki& Deena had turned that night a painful one for the two. Angelina had chosen the three as the bridesmaids and they were giving the speech about her when they made comments that were a clear troll to the bride.

The statements were such that the audience started booing at the speech and that gaslighted the entire scenario and she was forced to exit that location, her wedding. Although great friends, after that incident the three have tried to reach out to Angeline, all in vain. The three recall that incident and say that they dare to watch the entire marriage in the recording, but not the time they gave the speech.

The three have well-identified their mistakes, however, what’s done is over and can’t be changed no matter how much ever they regret doing the same. Angelina didn’t seem in a good mood after what had happened and surely not up for negotiations and has decided to spoil their relations the maximum she can as once a bond is broken, it can not be fixed again to normalcy.