Jenny McCarthy Opens Up About Her Personal Life, Home & Walhlberg

The 46 years old actress, TV presenter, author, screenwriter, anti-vaccine activist, Jenny McCarthy revealed some of her personal life in her latest interview with Chicago Tribune.

She got her first break in the ’90s, with MTV dating show ‘Singled Out’, where she co-hosted with Chris Hardwick.

McCarthy knows how to enjoy life fully, she takes out time from her busy schedule and goes out for concerts, and try new restaurants with her husband. She also hops with her girlfriends to the club “We’re the oldest people at the club, but we’re younger at heart”, she said.

Jenny McCarthy Opens Up About Her Personal Life, Home & Walhlberg 5

Brought up in Chicago, McCarthy now lives with her husband, Dannie Wahlberg, owner of the Wahlburgers, with his brother in Illinois. When asked why a Hollywood fame chose to live in the Midwest, she said that it was because of his son. She wanted him to be a friendly person, more outgoing…which could not be possible on the coast.

And she really does eat at Wahlburgers, despite being on her diet. On asking what’s her favorite Wahlburgers take out, she replied, “I like the burger bowl when I’m trying to stay away from carbs, but when I don’t care about carbs I usually get the Thanksgiving burger and sweet potato tots.”

Talking about her latest show ‘The Masked Singer’, McCarthy recalled how her manager called her with an offer, confident that McCarthy would slay this role.

Jenny McCarthy Opens Up About Her Personal Life, Home & Walhlberg 6

“But when I watched the Korean version with these ornate costumes with people singing, I knew instantly that this show was going to work. It’s not just a music competition, you have to use a different part of your brain to figure who that person is. For her, it was absolutely using the part of her brain that loves a good challenge.

She said that she loves having clues and putting clues together and being able to solve a puzzle. She feels like a detective trying to put it together.

McCarthy stayed in the spotlight for a long time and is a strong TV personality. She is currently seen on Fox Tv show ‘The Masked Singer’ as a Judge and hosting ‘The Jenny McCarthy Show’ on Sirius XM.