Jennifer Morris: A woman arrested for dragging a dog behind her car

Police arrests a woman for dragging a dog behind her car in Kentucky. The woman, who was later identified by the political was Jennifer Morris. She was found dragging the dog behind her car. The dog was on leash and the police got the information when on of three bystanders called 911 on a Monday morning. The incident occurred near Paducah, Tilghman High School. The car was later pulled into a parking lot of a fast food restaurant. The woman was furious and very restless when the people tried to take action to it. Morris was seen arguing with the people there when the police arrived at the scene.

The poor dog has received several injury to its body snd was taken to a local veterinary for its betterment. This was a cruel act done by Morris. She has been charged case against violating animals and human laws etc are all charged against her.

A person should never ever should do this to a dog. Dogs are always loyal and loving in nature but that does not mean humans have the right to take advantage on them. Also it does not mean that a person had the right to hurt them as they wish to their own pleasure and wishes. The dog also has feelings. Just because he/she cannot dog that does not mean it does not have any opinions or feelings or heart. It also has all of these and hurting them is very cruel and a heartless thing to do by a person.

The 60 year old woman should be arrested for it and liable charges should be made for. She should also pay money to take care and for the expenses on curing thr dog properly and correctly also.

The reason to which the woman did this act was not answered. But what ever be the reason, this is not the act to do ever to anyone, be it to humans or even the dogs also.