Jennifer Lopez found new love on SNL, but break the heart for being with Alex Rodriguez!! The actress played it well!!

Lopez was born on 24th July 1969, also nickname J.JO.Lopez is an American actress, singer, dancer, fashion designer, producer, and businesswoman .she was born in New York City, U.S.

Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez hosted Saturday night live and got a little support from her fiance Alex Rodriguez.

In a pre-recorded sketch, Lopez plays her self rehearsing in an empty theater when she got interrupted by her fiance Alex Rodriquez. The point of Chad sketch is where Davidson’s dumb bro basically says “OK” to every question and this makes women around him fall head over falls in love.

In the skit, Chad continues to do nothing but act stupid. The singer flirts with Pete Davidson, she goes high, falls for him despite being in a relationship with Alex Rodriguez.

During the skit, Lopez portrayed herself and was shown dancing with a character played by SNL regular Pete Davidson. The pair danced for a few moments; Lopez flirts and makes Davidson catch her waist. They were on the verge of a kiss but were interrupted by Rodriguez’s entrance. Rodriguez surprised with a bouquet of white roses but discovers her in the arms of Pete Davidson, show dancing. “I hope you are happy,” said Rodriguez .she tries to explain to him but got failed. Alex Rodriguez was in tears. He throws the flowers to the ground and walks off. She ran after her fiance, saying bye to Pete Davidson in a lovely way.

The couple may have been playing themselves during the skit, but this was not an accurate portrayal of their life. Rodriguez was well aware that his future wife would be on the verge of a kiss with Davidson, especially after he revealed that he had been on hand of the rehearsals. Rodriguez even said that he was coaching up Lopez and teaching her some solid dad jokes.