Jennifer Lopez And Jimmy Fallon Teaming Up To Write A Bilingual Children’s Book, Con Pollo

Then Friends Now Co-authors

The American singer, dancer and an actress Jennifer Lopez team up with the host of Late-night Talk show, Jimmy Fallon to write a bilingual children’s book, Con Pollo.

They both were friends since very long and now they started sharing a bond of co-authors.

Jennifer and Jimmy, Co-authors
From Twitter @JLo and @jimmyfallon

The Duo’s Statement

Jennifer and Jimmy announced to ‘People’, a celebrity news and magazine, that they are teaming up for an adorable bilingual children’s book, Con Pollo.

In a statement to People, Jennifer said that she was very excited to write a children’s book since so long. Further, collaborating with her friend Jimmy makes it more special.

Later on, Jimmy says that it is a great opportunity since both the friends wanted to do something together.

Why A Children’s Book?

Jimmy said that he loved Jennifer, how she plays a role as a mother. Further, they both are parents so it seemed a great choice to write a children’s book, he told.

He finds it fun as well as educational at the same time. Even his Spanish teacher will be impressed, seeing him teaching Spanish to other children with Jennifer, he says. Further, it is going to release on 11th of October 2022.


About The Children’s Book

It is a funny and a cheerful book which gives an introduction to Spanish to the readers. The books introduce Spanish vocabulary through a plucky chicken character name, Pollo.

Feiwel and Friends, an imprint of Macmillan Children’s Publications are publishing the book. Whereas, Andrea Campos is illustrating the book.

Further, Feiwel says that the book is about sweetness and friendship and an introduction to Spanish and how to speak. The book by the duo is going to be just a magic, she says.