Here is what Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez eats to maintain their fitness and keep their bodies healthy: and these tips are from their personal chef! Check them out.

Do you know that JeLo and his beau, Alex Rodriguez are one among the fittest celeb couples we have today, one of the contributors for this tag is their eating habits. They keep a strict check on their diet. In US Weekly, their chef, named Kelvin Fernandez, who is a specialist, revealed what one would find in the duo’s refrigerator. According to what he said, their refrigerator is full of fibers and nutritious stuff like strawberries, leafy vegetables like spinach, celery, cucumber, sparkling water, etc. Spoiler: Their children love berries a lot, and JeLo herself believes in organic food.


Their chef has also spilled out that this healthy couple begins its day with green juice. Well, they have something mouthwatering too, in their breakfast. Any Guesses? It’s turkey bacon. Kelvin adds that the family is fond of eggs and demands it throughout the week. So, he smartly divides it throughout the week and adds some freshly taken out egg whites to their favorite turkey bacon. Besides egg whites, they also are in love with apple wiener and chicken. He is bound to add the eggs in a solid manner as he fills them in the ice chest and some other snacks too!

Supper Time

Moving on to their demands for supper, this family surely has the thing for Mexican Cuisine, especially, “Tacos.” They can add it in their calendar on any day of the week, be it Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and so on. To end, Kelvin says that there are loads of ice chests stored by the couple in their storeroom, just in case they have some mood swings and want to grab one. So, for the duo has tried to maintain a healthy diet and would continue to do so. By the way, what does your healthy diet consist of? Tell me in the comment section.

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