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Jennifer Anniston Has Someone New In Her Life Who Stole Her Heart Immediately! Who is this new member?

It seems like Friends star Jennifer Aniston has made a new friend and she is already in love with this newest member of her life! Who is this new mysterious guest in her life? Well, we are just about to find out!

Jennifer Aniston Brings Home An Adorable Little Rescue Puppy!

Jennifer Aniston has welcomed a furry new companion into her life and named his Lord Chesterfield. Let’s just say this little blob of happiness is already winning over the Internet and he sure is way too cute for social media!

The Morning Show actress adopted him from a Los Angeles rescue home. She also posted a short video clip of the adorable little puppy sleeping and write a heartfelt caption saying that he managed to steal her heart immediately. Here’s the extremely heartwarming video of Lord Chesterfield sleeping and let’s just say it is giving us major puppy fever! Don’t miss out on the chewy toy that might be Chesterfield’s favourite toy already!

The Morning Show Actress Is A Doting Dog Parent!

It is not only the fans who are in awe of all this cuteness but even Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown also posted a few love emoticons in the comment section. Tennis star Maria Sharapova also wrote that it sure is love at first sight.

Jennifer Aniston is a dog lover and is already a doting dog parent to two other dogs including Clyde, her Schnauzer mix, along with adorable Sophie, her white pit bull. The Friends star has often posted adorable pictures with her other two furry companions. Lord Chesterfield is the newest addition into the family and we are going to see more of him on social media! 

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