Jenna Ortega has become a recognizable person from anywhere and by everyone after ‘You’.

Who Plays Ellie On ‘YOU’? You’ll Recognize Jenna Ortega From A Beloved CW Show. Jane Ortega, a 17 year old girl is the one who plays the Ellie character in the show “You.” This is a huge moment and definitely seems to be the right decision. Jenna is more confident and strong than Paco and even though she is just 17, she’s capable of doing more than what everyone thinks of her and judges her. Jenna is the younger sister of Joe and the property manager Deliah. But in the books and records, it is seen and noted that Deliah has an older sister and not a younger sister. But anyway that is another puzzle that we need to leave it for later.

Now looking into Jenna, she is much more than her age. She might look like a small child who needs guidance and help for everything. But she is so not whatever her looks tells. She is much more than that.

In the show Ellie, who is a 15 year old also looks like needs help. This character is played by Jenna. Ellie in the show looks like a 15 year old girl who needs protection and survival from Joe. But she is much more than what the world says and what others judge her to be. Joe is not the one to be need protection from because he is a trouble himself. Whenever he tries to make something good he ruins it and the situation ends up in a murder. So Joe is not the one Ellie needs help, protection and everything because he itself is a bad news for her.

Anyway, the character is a strong one and Jenna is playing a good part with it also, which makes the show a attractive one for the public views. Hopefully it would have enough too.