Jeffree Star Reveals it all! The Dark Side of the faulty relationship with Nathan Schwandt


Jeffree says that there has been some real “dark stuff” going on between the two of them. However, he wouldn’t reveal any of them afraid of being degraded.

The 34-year-old cosmetics YouTuber had posted a video on March 28. Undoubtedly, he has addressed some things about the split with his then-boyfriend Nathan. Things clearly haven’t been well between the two. As we all know, the YouTube Aston Martin Scandal was pretty surprising to all.

Jeffree – Nathan Relationship:

Jeffree and Nathan were together since 2015. Somewhere around the end of 2019 and early 2020, we heard that that couple had broken up for “a few weeks” by then. The two had moved into their new house in California. And Jeffree hasn’t been well…  In the same video, he confirms his wellness of his mother as well.  But the drama doesn’t end there!

We all were left wondering what will happen to that Aston Martin. Rightly so, Jeffree changed the title of the YouTube video from “surprising my boyfriend” to “pretending to surprise”. He changed the title back to what it was. However, there was enough damage done to ignite the waiting fans’ gossips.

Is it all Dark and Ugly?

Though Jeffree wouldn’t reveal to us what is “dark and ugly”. But we know that fans are eager to know what is happening. In this rough time, Jeffree does not want more drama but can that be prevented. Rumors have it that he could be having a rebound relationship with Mitchell. Jeffree conveniently shut it down. In addition to this, fans also heard rumors about the couple dating again secretly.

We will have to wait for a little more while to know what the couple is actually up to. Until then, it’s just all hanging in the air with the fans gossiping. Let’s see what is coming.