Jeanie Mai breaks down in tears discussing her standards in a relationship! Freddy Harteis is not as good as Jeezy!

Jeannie Mai, stylist and co-host of The Real candidly explained her expectations in a relationship. However, the actor had to travel down memory lane to reminisce the change.


Jeannie Mai was married to Freddy Harteis. However, they filled for a divorce in 2018. They were married for ten years from 2007-17. The split was amicable in the beginning but turned hostile later.

Mai shares her standards in the talk with her co-hosts. She claims that her ‘standards were low'(in her previous relationship).

Though, she doesn’t blame anyone outright, even her ex. She states that the session would stretch to counseling on why she expected the minimum from her partner. 

However, her voice breaks on the next sentence. She adds that a casual remark from Freddy qualified for his support. Seemingly, phrases like ‘that’s cool’ or ‘that’s great’ were the standard support intonations. Further, she trailed off, speaking that her new relationship taught her the actual basics of a loving relationship. Clearly, old wounds are hard to heal.

She sobs but carries on, the memory heart-touching. For instance, she shares that Jeezy left his birthday party to drop her at the airport. Apparently, he wanted to see her off. This melted Mai’s heart as she had known nothing like this earlier.

Clearly, this is the new normal of her relationship. Sweet instinctive gestures that do not seem like a favor on others.

Further, she advises others. She suggests being careful and aware of one’s standards. Moreover, she reveals that some alone time helped her to gather herself. And it also gave her time to sort out what she wants in a relationship.

The talk show host and the Atlanta Rapper confirmed their relationship in April this year. They appeared together at  Jeezy’s inaugural Snoball Gala. One week later, they made their relationship official on Instagram as well.

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They appeared together at Tyler Perry’s Studio Opening. Additionally, they wore color-coordinated clothes. Blessedly, they seem jubilant together.