Jay Cutler could take some axe-throwing lessons from wife Kristin Cavallari!

Wife Kristin Cavallari aces axe-throwing while husband Jay Cutler turns out to be an amateur.

The reality TV star, 32, Kristin Cavallari took down her husband, retired NFL quarterback, 36, Jay Cutler in an axe-throwing challenge in Nashville. The couple posted videos of their challenges on their Instagram page.


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Nailed it

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Jay Cutler displaying his sense of humor captioned his posted “Nailed it” when in actuality, he missed his target by miles. He was the first to take up the target challenge; he is seen taking a swing single-handedly at the axe which then bounced off the wall a short distance away. The roars of laughter of Kristin and their friends (possibly) could be heard in the background.


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Kiss my axe

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Kristin was the next one to aim. Flashing her pretty smile at the camera, she aims at the target using both her hands and hits at the center, near the bull’s eye. “Kiss my axe” read her caption for the post flaunting her target skills and edge over her hubby.

The videos posted by both were captured at the Class Axe Throwing in Nashville. The couple lives with their 3 children after Jay took retirement from National Football League in 2016 and Kristin has re-launched her reality TV career with ‘Very Cavallari’ last year. Jay is working on a butcher shop idea while Kristin is set to be back with Season 3 of her show in 2020 after Season 2 aired in this May.