Jason Blum shares new ‘Halloween Kills’ bts photos

The American film producer Jason Blum reveals pictures of the unauspicious look of BTS inĀ  Halloween Kills for the very first time.

Last year, the movie Halloween had thrilled the audience. Now the second sequel movie is ready to take the bar up. Though, writer Danny Mcbride was not fully set to move at such a fast pace.

2018’s film ‘Halloween’ released after four long decades but was much appreciated. Director David Gordon Green is worth all the praise. Considering all the remakes, this 2018’s movie is by far the best.

Now, the team has already started with the shooting of the next sequel. ‘Halloween Kills’ which is the next movie is scheduled to be released before next year’s Halloween day. New pictures are started to be disclosed, creating all the buzz on social media.

The production house should be thanked for capturing the snaps from behind the scenes. It has helped in bringing a festive vibe already. Blumhouse posted the pictures to Reddit.

One of the shared pictures shows a large knife kept on the director’s chair. The captioned said that have a look at how the team welcomes director David Gordan Green. This was shot on the first day of the shoot. It added that hope Green does not take the prank personally.

The large knife kept on Director’s chair as a welcoming gesture on the first day of Halloween Kills

The captioned also mentioned that it’s confirmed that Green would examine the chair before sitting on it. And, this is a great way to welcome the real man behind a film like Halloween.

However, they wish him and other team crew, all the very best for the upcoming movie ‘Halloween Kills’. The movie will premiere on the 16th of October next year. Also, not to forget, the third part that is Halloween Ends is dated to be released on 15th October 2021.