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Jason Blum and Tyler Perry to Collaborate for a New Horror Flick “Help”

Tyler Perry to team up with Jason Blum on a horror movie titled “Help”

Jason Blum and Tyler Perry announced their first-ever collab for an upcoming horror flick titled Help. Blum made the announcement earlier on Friday at the Blumhouse’s BlumFest. The inclusion of two such glorious producers certainly makes the project much more exciting.

Tyler Perry

Alan McElroy to helm the thriller “Help”

During the BlumFest 2021, Blumhouse producer Jason Blum and Madea‘s creator cum producer Tyler Perry affirmed that they were teaming up on a feature film, Help. Besides Blum and Perry, Tim Palen will also sit on the producer’s list. 

Further, Wrong Turn’s Alan McElroy will reportedly write and direct the new horror film, Help. It would be a crime not to say that the film has got the best ones at work so far! Alan McElroy is onymous for creating some of the best films spread over various genres, including horror, action, and sci-fi. His major screenwriting works include the horror titles Wrong Turn (03 O.G. and a 2021 reboot), Halloween 4: The Return of Michael MyersThe Night Shift, and not to forget Vampire Diaries. He also wrote one whole sci-fi CBS series of Star Trek: Discovery. If you have watched these films by now, you would probably have an idea of the insane odds within Help

About “Help”

As of now, the details of the film’s plot and cast are kept secret. However, the production takes place starting early next year at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta and Georgia. Moreover, the team has targeted a 2022 release date.

Other works of Jason Blum and Tyler Perry

Jason Blum is best known for his horror works like Get Out, Freaky, and The Invisible Man. Although being an autonomous body, Blumhouse Productions often teams up with other productions for several projects. One such major collab is for M. Night Shyamalan’s Split and Glass with Shyamalan’s own production company. On the other hand, Tyler Perry is well known for her major works A Madea Family Funeral, Acrimony, and A Fall from Grace.

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