Jamie Lee Curtis “Wide Open” for a Sequel to 2003’s Hit Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan

Jamie Lee Curtis & Lindsay Lohan might come together for Freaky Friday Sequel?

Lindsay Lohan could play an “attractive grandma,” according to Jamie Lee Curtis, who said she would love to work on a “Freaky Friday” sequel.

In the 2003 version, the two actors played a mother and daughter who switch bodies and are compelled to live one another’s lives.

Even though Jamie Lee Curtis has since moved on to greater films, she revealed on “The View” that she has already contacted Disney about joining the cast of a “Freaky Friday” sequel. She announced that she is quite open to new ideas.

Jamie Lee Curtis | Freaky Friday
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Curtis interested to work with Lohan again

Curtis continued by saying that she would want to work with Lohan and Mark Harmon, who played Curtis’ romantic lead in the first film, on a follow-up because she is aware that Lohan is returning to acting with her upcoming Netflix holiday movie, “Falling for Christmas.”

Lindsay Lohan
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Curtis said that Lindsay becomes the attractive granny who is still content with Mark Harmon in all ways. She continued by saying that she just wants Lindsay to be the gorgeous granny, and she wants to watch herself struggling to deal with young people in today’s society, she aspires to be a responsible parent.

In a 2017 interview, Jamie Lee Curtis disclosed that she still communicates with her “Freaky Friday” co-star and even shares a secret code phrase with Lohan. Curtis mentioned that the wait for shots was long as Lindsay and she filmed a scene in a car.

Jamie Lee Curtis | Freaky Friday  | Lindsay Lohan


They were trying to lip-synch the little phrases they knew when they played the song after performing the scene, she stated. The actress revealed she uses secret codes to ensure she communicates with all her famous friends when messaging them. She said she does this to ensure their privacy.