James Gunn Made A Shocking Revelation About Velma in Scooby- Doo Movie! Was the character supposed to be gay?

The popular 2002 movie based on the iconic cartoon character Scooby-Doo would have been a whole lot different as revealed by James Gunn himself. Fans would be surprised to know what was the initial plan regarding one of the characters.


James Gun Made A Huge Revelation About The 2002 Scooby-Doo Movie! Here’s What We Know.

Apparently, James Gunn who wrote the script had plans of making Velma gay in his initial works, however, this idea was not approved and was eventually shut down. Gunn made this huge revelation via his Twitter account.

The writer/ director went on to explain that the studio kept on watering on his plans and the idea did not make it into the final cut. He also explained that the deleted scenes of the film are minutely seen it is pretty clear that he initially planned to make Velma lesbian. Take a look at the Twitter post that unveiled such a big informatiom about Velma!

Velma Was Supposed To Be A Gay Character According To James Gunn. Have a Look.

The whole revelation was made when fans went on to Twitter to write how they all are looking forward to a live-action project with Velma as a gay character in it. That’s when James Gunn revealed the whole idea which, unfortunately, was pushed back. The 2004 sequel film did not score good box office collection compared to the one that released in 2002. Meanwhile, 2002 film was a huge but unlike the sequel one.


The studio recently released an live action animated movie titled Scion that was airied digitally. While the film received mixed reviews,  we wonder whether Velma’s sexuality will be treated differently in any upcoming projects under the Warner Bros. banner.