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James Charles and this “The Hills” star had a major feud regarding a mishap related to makeup! Check it out.

The candid YouTube star is busy once more, this time getting out LC for erroneously sending him a PR bundle loaded up with void items from her new clean beauty line.

James Charles apologized to a female big name for reprimanding her cosmetics line dispatch twice this month after he beforehand subtweeted artist Alicia Keys’ new skincare line.

James first shared a video on Instagram Stories in which he ridiculed Lauren for sending him a PR package filled with empty products. “I just opened a PR package from a new makeup brand from somebody who has no business having a makeup brand,” he said as he showed his followers an empty tube of highlighter. “Stop making makeup brands. Stop! Stop!”


Charles then showed the camera an empty liquid highlighter container that also didn’t have a cap on it and wasn’t sealed, followed by an eyeliner pen with no ink.

This time, the magnificence YouTuber apologized to Lauren Conrad, a previous cast individual from “The Hills,” after he slammed a PR bundle from her new line Lauren Conrad Beauty.


He followed up the Instagram story with another video of himself after calming down and said “I truly feel tested by the universe, I feel like reality show cameras are going to walk out and say ‘Gotcha’ any minute.”

He ultimately apologized for what he described were “childish” remarks, tweeting on Aug. 6, “…I was bothered because many celebrities come into the beauty space as a cash grab without any actual passion and then leave.”

“Anyone should be able to secure their bag and it’s not up to me which brands people should or shouldn’t support,” he continued.

Previously, after attacking Keys, Charles admitted he had been subtweeting the singer and had been in the wrong about writing “people who do not wear makeup should not be coming out with makeup brands” in a since-deleted tweet.

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