Jaden Smith is Struggling with Some Health Issues. Is it his Personal Life Taking Toll on his Health? Read the Details Below

Jaden Smith and his family are struggling with some of his health issues recently. The famous Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith recently got this news of Jaden trying to date Tyler the Creator. Jaden is well-known for his work as a singer, rapper, songwriter and an actor. He achieved this huge success just at the age of 21.

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Why am I always the shortest one in any pic???😆

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Currently he is battling with a life threatening disease which is mainly due to nutrient imbalance. And this is the reason why he looks so pale and weak sometimes. He is also seen with constant dark circles in his eyes. The reason behind this disease is said to be his rapid shift from a vegetarian to a vegan diet. Due to his health conditions he was immediately hospitalized in Australia in September.

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Uno Dos Video Out Now

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According to the doctor Mark Hayman and nutritionist Mona Sharma, Jaden’s new diet is not suiting him. Therefore he is depriving from nutrients like Omega 3, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. This deficiency is caused by all gluten-free and milk-based diet.

Jaden is receiving questions regarding his diet and his health.

The main reason behind this is, his fans care for his well-being. His diversion to take medical help was because of the retention from these peoples. Meanwhile, his father convinced him to follow the advice from professionals. Therefore changes have been made in his diet and gradually he is recovering from his heath.

However, Jaden Smith also came open about his sexuality recently and he has also accepted his love for Tyler the creator. But, Tyler the creator has not responded to this proposal of Jaden. Neither he has declined it nor has he accepted it. However, Tyler the creator is not gay as he says about his sexuality whereas he might like boys or not. This can also be a reason for Jaden’s poor heath since both Jaden and Tyler has been friends since a very long time.