Jaden Smith is depressed over his breakup with Tyler the Creator! Check it out.

The prominent 21-year-vintage rapper Jaden Smith who we as a whole have seen in numerous film adventures in notorious jobs, for example, Dre Parker in Karate Kid, in Pursuit of Happyness close by his Father Will Smith, After Earth, and so on.


Jaden Smith and Tyler the Creator were closest companions from 2013 and had a well-disposed connection to share. The two were seen communicating their adoration and love for one another on a few stages, be it when Tyler won the grammy in 2020 and him tweeting about his satisfaction after that success or be in the past when the two have indicated their love for one another through tweets.



From 2013, there have been minutes where the two have showered love at one another and was considered as a manly relationship by their fans, until 2017, when Tyler affirmed that he was strange through his song.

After numerous long periods of dating each other, the team has isolated and is no all the more dating one another. The two have made it evident for the fans to think about their partition and that they are not, at this point together by one another’s side.

Jaden Smith had revealed his sexuality and had moreover found support from his family and fans. Moreover, notwithstanding, Jaden Smith is enduring about his cases to a relationship, Tyler has released no indisputable response regarding the matter. Various people are regardless, guessing if they are playing some joke or are they certifiable.


The news affirms that Jaden has dumped Tyler which has rendered him depressed from that point onward. The two had moments of adoration together and were seen cheerful by their fans each time they hung out together. In addition to the fact that Tyler was depressed, he saw it as one of the most exceedingly terrible encounters ever. Albeit a lot of belief systems accept this to be a trick to move out of the eyes of the individuals who were getting excessively close to home and bothering in the connection that the two shared.