Jaden Smith and Willow Smith open up about their inter family relationship. Here is what they have said

Smith family has been in multiple controversies mostly due to Jada and Jaden. Recently, both the kids have opened about their relationships with their parents. Both of them did raised some questionable remarks which lead netizens to criticize Will and Jada’s parenting style. Ever since Jada has revealed about her affair with August Alsina in her Red Table Talk show, she is been criticised every single time. Moreover, ever since Jaden was rumored to have relationship with Taylor the creator, smith family was again in controversies.

Anyways let us catch up with what are Willow and Jaden’s thoughts on their relationship with their parents.

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Willow open up about her depression and how it made her feel when her mother was “mum-shamed”

Jada and Will always wanted their children to fly and make decisions on their own. However, there are many dark truth about which Willow has revealed. According to Willow, nobody in her family ever knew that the she was depressed. Moreover, she was even cutting herself out of stress.

Also, Willow’s mother was mum-shamed as she allowed her daughter to full shave her head. On the recent episode of red table talk, Jada said that it was her worst experience of mum-shaming when her daughter went bald at the age of 11.

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Willow also said that at some point her own mother used mum-shaming as technique in parenting. Like whenever she felt like crying, Jada always said her that she can cry but in her room and not around her.

Will and Jada also decided to go against the traditional school system. They instead, made Jaden and Willow to home study

Moreover, Jaden kind of support this idea of not going to school. He said that he dont care if people call him and her sister crazy as people also called Galileo a crazy human being.

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