Jaden Smith And Willow Smith Have Often Made Fans Curious With Their Strange Antics! We are here to discuss and solve some of those!

While celebrity kids cannot escape drama as well, these kids are always in front of the public eye and it seems like two of these celebrity kids have been garnering attention for all the weird reasons!


Fans Must Have Wondered Some Of The Weird Antics By The Smith Siblings: Jaden And Willow Smith!

While Will Smith and his family have often been the center of several controversies, from having a rather problematic divorce to an estranged relationship with older son Trey, the Smiths have also been dramatic. However, fans have often wondered some about some of the eerie stuff that Willow and Jaden Smith does!


To start with, both the kids have some things going on Twitter which is beyond someone’s understanding. Fans have often found the tweets a bit weird. Not to forget how Jaden wore a rather bold white Batman suit to Kanye and Kim Kardashian’s wedding back in 2014.

Jaden Smith Has Said That He Doesn’t Care If People Calls Him Crazy!

When asked about this rather unconventional Batman suit he said it was needed to protect everyone and to experience the wedding. Jaden Smith also went on to admit that he likes to say crazy things and sit back to see how the public reacts to it!


Jaden Smith has also addressed all the rumors and said that it doesn’t matter if he is called crazy as even Galileo was called crazy as well! While fans have always found both the siblings and their antics a bit strange, they do entertain everyone with their social media posts time and again! Both the siblings are quite popular with huge number of followers and seems to have a world of their own.