Jack Ryan season 3: Will Greener and Dr. Cathy be back? Everything you need to know about the New Season

Our favorite Jim Halpert, John Krasinksi, is back with a surprise for his Jack Ryan fans! After season 2 of the fantastic series dropped one day earlier on Amazon Prime Videos, there’s another big news for the fans: Jack Ryan Season 3 is officially happening!!!

After the huge success, the first two seasons received another season is definitely happening. According to Hollywood Reporter, the lead character played by John Krasinksi will be back again with another tale where he chases terrorists across the globe.

There is no information to rely on yet to predict the release date but since the first season premiered in August 2018, and the second season got out in October 2019, therefore it’s safe to assume that the third season may release by the end of the year 2020 or during early 2021.

Has the filming started yet?

Keeping in mind that the filming of the second season started during the time the first season debuted in the summer, therefore it’s unlikely that John is back on field yet to play the role of our favorite Jack Ryan.

Is there information regarding the plot yet?

Unfortunately, there’s not much to rely on in terms of where the storyline may lead us with the next season. The only thing we are sure of is that Jack Ryan will be back on the field chasing terrorists across the globe. Except that we are just left with mysteries to which we can’t predict any answer, like Will Greener be back in the plot or will there be a new space for a field partner for Jack which will be filled by a new face? Will Dr. Cathy Mueller, who was absent from season 2, returns this season to complete her unfinished story?

Someone who we can definitely expect to be absent is the showrunner Carlton Cuse who worked for both season one and season two. According to reports, he will be replaced by “Prison Break” creator Paul Scheuring.

Other than all this, there is no knowledge about what next location the show will be filming in but like the other two seasons, it will be released on Amazon Prime Video as well.