Jack Huston and Angela Sarafyan to Star in Upcoming Biblical Fantasy

Jack Huston and Angela Sarafyan Will Be a Co-Star in Hail Mary 

Jack Huston and Angela Sarafyan joined for the upcoming mythological film of Mary and Joseph.

The film Hail Mary is a biblical fantasy

Set in a contemporary era, Hail Mary follows the biblical fantasy story of Mother Mary and Joseph. Huston was previously seen in House of Gucci while Sarafyan in Westworld.

Rosemary Rodriguez, who previously worked on peacemaker, The Walking Dead, directed the Hail Mary. Along with her, Knate Lee of New Mutants is handling the script.

Directors transformed this new story of the mythological drama which challenges the audience’s knowledge about Mary and Joseph.

Angela Sarafyan
Angela Sarafyan/Instagram

About the Story

The film follows the story of pregnant Maria (Riego) trying to follow North Star to get to U.S border. But her problem increases when the man of the devil, Baal (Huston) started chasing her with the help of Jose (Emmanuel). When ICE and the US Border Security Force join in the chase, things get complicated . The film revolves around the battle led between Gabrielle (Sarafyan) protecting Maria, and Bala to make her pay.

The film has the ultimate aim to encourage people to consider how they treat other human beings.

Jack Huston
Jack Huston/Instagram

Other Cast Members

The film stars Jack Huston and Angela Sarafyan along with some newcomers. It includes Natalia del Riego and Benny Emmanuel.

Rigo is a Mexican actress who also starred in the drama series, Promised Land, released in 2022. Whereas Benny Emmanuel is a 25-year-old Mexican Youtuber who previously appeared in series such as Chiguarotes, On Childhood (2010), etc.

As the production progresses hopefully we get to know other cast members of this mythological drama.