It’s a great news!! “My Chemical Romance” is reuniting for a Live concert since its split in 2012!! Check out all the details inside!

Hold your breath people! The famous band “My Chemical Romance ” is reuniting for a  live concert in Los Angeles. The band will be performing on 20th December. However, the band is getting back on a temporary basis since they broke up in 2012.

How was the news announced? 

The band’s social media accounts were created in 2016 to celebrate ten years of their most hit album. But the Instagram account was created recently and now we know why! The band revealed that they are reforming again through an Instagram post on the occasion of Halloween. The post said “Return ” alongside the details and timing of the live show. A link was also shared from where the tickets can be brought. The tickets will be available from Friday noon.

Band’s history :

The band was originally formed in 2001, and they gained followers via social media initially. Their second album “the cheers for sweet revenge ” was a big commercial hit and gave them public attention and stardom.

They had lots of successful albums after that, ” the black parade ” being the most successful. It was awarded double platinum in the USA.  Their final album was released in 2010. The band broke up in 2012. The band members had a career of their own after that. One of their members, Bob Bryar had left the band in 2010 only.

Did they plan for reuniting beforehand? 

The band had issued an official statement after their split saying that the band will never die. “It is an idea, not a band “. There were rumors that the band is reuniting recently, which were however denied by the band members then. The rumors started flying when Joe Jonas claimed that he heard the band rehearsing for a show. Turns out he was right!

From where has the band originated? 

The Band is originally American and is from New Jersey. The band is of the rock genre.