It’s 67th birthday of the legend Patrick Swayze and here’s how the world is remembering him!

A dance instructor, a surfing bank robber, a ghost, a drag queen, and a bouncer, all these have been the memorable roles played by Patrick Swayze during his whole lifetime. But above all these dozens of roles he has played, he had made sure to add extra sensitivity and radiance to his roles. This was quite evident on the screen.

It's 67th birthday of the legend Patrick Swayze and here's how the world is remembering him! 1
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His radiance could be seen in the dialogues he delivered, for example, the iconic one where he said, “nobody puts Baby in the corner”. Patrick Swayze made sure to win the hearts of people by giving utmost respect to his character. He made sure to come out as a winner even if the film didn’t.

The genre was never the reason to watch his films. The gymnast, horseback rider, trained classical dancer, pilot, and daredevil from Texas was always a treat to our eyes. His ideology, to treat the films as his own life always worked and is the reason to win so many hearts.

It's 67th birthday of the legend Patrick Swayze and here's how the world is remembering him! 2
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It is his 67th birthday on 18th of August and Paramount Network decided to gift him a documentary, even though he is with us no more on this occasion. The documentary titled “I am Patrick Swayze” premiered today that gives a raw look to his life.

The documentary shows his in-depth hard work and love for the work he did, his work ethics, him as a performer, his 34-year old married life with Lisa Niemi and all the struggles he had to go through before he gave up on his life a decade ago.

Swayze in an interview had said that he was looking to make a mark in any way possible. And his history is quite evident in the fact that the much-missed actor had made a mark before leaving the world.

Patrick Swayze left for heavenly abode on 14th September 2009, succumbing to cancer.