It seems things aren’t good between Jaden Smith and his Boyfriend Tyler the Creator and the former seems really depressed. Read for all details.

The eminent 21-year-vintage rapper Jaden Smith who we all have seen in many movie ventures in iconic roles such as Dre Parker in Karate Kid, in Pursuit of Happyness alongside his Father Will Smith, After Earth, etc.

Jaden has impacted a few chats about his sexuality all through a few events. After the 62nd Grammy Awards, Jaden took to his official Twitter handle to express his happiness and satisfaction after the American rapper Tyler the Creator got a Grammy. He also went on to proposed him as his Boyfriend on the platform.

“I just wanna state Tyler, the Creator is the closest companion on the planet and I love him so f***ing much, and I wanna let you know folks something,” Smith stated, in a second that was recorded by somebody at the front of the stage.


At the time of his introduction to the section of Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival back in November 2019, Jaden does uncover a lot around his dating with Tyler and about the relationship between them.

Jaden and Tyler have been dear companions for quite a while. The hypotheses about the connection between the two started when Jaden Smith reported freely in a show that Tyler, the Creator was his beau. To this, Tyler, the Creator, was just giggling and passed no reaction.


Jaden Smith had uncovered his sexuality and had likewise gotten help from his family and fans. Furthermore, however, Jaden Smith is unyielding about his cases to a relationship, Tyler has discharged no unmistakable reaction on the subject. Numerous individuals are in any event, conjecturing in the event that they are playing some joke or are they genuine.

Despite all the speculations surfacing around there haven’t been any clarity about the thing going on between the two rappers.