It seems Henry Cavill can be the perfect MCU Captain Britain!! An Instagram art piece proves that!!

The fan base of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is significantly large. And the fans love all the superhero movies with all their hearts. In a new piece of fan art, the fans saw Superman actor Henry Cavill becoming Captain Britain for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Cavill started his Superman journey in 2013 with Man of Steel. We saw him last as the DC comics superhero in the movie Justice League. Currently DC extended Universe is reshuffling their priorities and hence there is no indication of when we will see him again. But fortunately for the fans who would love to see him as a superhero again, they can if he doesn’t even play the role of Superman again. It seems Marvel has the perfect role for him.

Everyone knows Cavill is British. So fitting into the role of Captain Britain won’t be a very hard task for him. Captain Britain is one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel Universe and MCU hasn’t introduced the character as of now. But there is a chance that we might get to see him in the future. ApexForm, an Instagram artist, created a beautiful piece of art where we see Henry Cavill as Captian Britain.

Cavill’s schedule is ever busy even if he is not playing the role of Superman now. We will soon see him in a Netflix adaptation of The Witcher. Cavill’s future as a superhero in the DC universe is not guaranteed. His co star Ben Affleck left the franchise and it won’t be surprising if Henry does it too. But sources say that Wonder Woman and Aquaman will get the sequels to their solo movies. So Cavill might appear in a Superman movie again as well. We aren’t sure of that now. Time will tell his future.

But we are sure about one thing- Henry Cavill will make for a perfect and authentic Captain Britain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.