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It seems Emma Watson is dating someone and its not Tom Felton! Who is it?

Harry Potter is known for the characters and the story of the movie series that has driven it this far. The movie series has released many seasons and it has been known for the mystic stories that have driven the movie to release so many seasons that have been plain superhit. The character of Harry is the most talked of and the character has been the limelight of the series till now.

Along with him, there are a variety of characters one of which is that of Hermoine, played by Emma Watson. The character has been strong enough in dealing with the magic tricks that the characters have played and has played a huge supporting role in the series. While the chemistry of the two is talked of in the series, in real life, the situation is much different. Emma Watson has been seeing someone lately as said by her fans. Although not keen about her personal life, she has expressed her affection towards her close one, Tom Felton who her fans think is the person Emma has been seeing up to.

What makes one think that the two have something going between them?

Tom Felton is the man who is seen with Emma at various spots, be it the beach or at hangout points, the two have been spotted together and have been spending ample time with each other which they have made public by themselves. The Instagram posts by Tom Felton have depicted the two playing guitars together and this came midst their other hangout photos that have taken to their feeds.

Although the speculations about their relationship have arisen, it is not known yet whether the two share a bond as strong as love or it’s plain friendship. Be it her fans or close ones, they have made it private for quite some time now.

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