It might be possible that Uncle Ben from Spiderman doesn’t even exist in MCU! Check out why.

The Tom Holland era brought us one of the most disturbing aspects of that time along with it. And it is the absence of Uncle Ben unlike the previous Spiderman movies. It is assumed by everyone that he would have died off camera before the film started. Thus, we didn’t get to see the physical character of Uncle Ben to console Peter Parker. Red the whole story to get a detailed information about what actually happened.

The original story of Spiderman movie got continuously changed. Thus, MCU took a wise decision by involving Uncle Ben but not physically. However, the fans still wished that Uncle Ben should have respect in the new franchise.

The biggest question that arises is that how are they gonna recognize him if he ultimately dies after existing. Fans even think that there are less chances of MCU mentioning the character ever again.

Character of Uncle Ben was really an iconic one. He was seen in the Spiderman version brought to us by Tobey Maguire. Cliff Robertson was the one to play Uncle Ben’s character. And no other actor will ever be able to play it like him.

His death was shown twice in two different franchises. And most of his fans are really upset about the fact that his name would never come in the upcoming movies. They find it to be a disrespectful act. And the only consent they can have is that his name was mentioned many times in two of the films. His name came several times during the scenes in which aunt May opened his suitcase.

Now the demands of the fans is to have a solid mention of him in the upcoming Spiderman 3 movie. But is this possible? Will the franchise do that? Stay tuned to get all your answers.