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It is a debate between Maher and Begala on Bill Clinton’s alleged visit to Epstein’s sex island! What is the TRUTH?

Epstein’s sex island is known to all who are into watching television. They know the show where Jeffrey Epstein has a villa in which he calls girls and asks them to do sexual acts which is what the whole show is about and the ones who perform the scenes are paid for doing so.

This is a show that is watched by people worldwide and is evident with the fan following that this show has and the TRP that it can gain over the years of its existence. Not once did something controversial not take place in the show, that is what the public thinks and has been witnessing over the existence of the show. The show has seen some known, while some unknown faces in it. Some times it has come to the public’s eyes when they have sensed something fishy, while sometimes the ladies who are taken inside his villa give interviews and confess the same. 

What was the role of Bill Clinton in the show?

Many known faces are spotted with Jeffrey Epstein when they were see shaking hands or meeting up and having some moments of friendship together. Bill Clinton, the former boss of Epstein as some people call it to be, they believe that Bill had some role to play in the show of Epstein and that he was involved in the proceedings of the show.

However, the people who are in defense of Clinton say that it isn’t a true piece of information and that there is no proof that he was spotted there. To the counter of this, some people who believe themselves to be the eyewitnesses of the moment when Bill was spotted in the sex islands say that it is confirmed information that they both were together. 

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