#IStandWithWhitney trending!! Whitney Cummings isn’t the one to bog down to blackmail; she shares her topless picture.

Whitney Cummings posts a topless picture of her on Twitter.

The ‘Can I touch it?’ Comic, Whitney Cummings, was being blackmailed over a topless photo for money when she decided to stand up for herself and not to bow down to the money extorters. It began back in April when Whitney posted a video on her social media account where her nubbin was visible, upon realizing it, she immediately took it down, but some people had already grabbed the screen-shots of it.

Stooping down to the lowest level, these people decided to start blackmailing the American comic and producer over it for some cash in exchange. She brought the incident to public light after she herself re-posted the picture along with the threat message and shot a series of tweets on Monday morning explaining the extorting attempt.

You can’t control her

Calling the extorters ‘foolish dorks’ she tweeted that extorters must be thinking that she’s way more famous than she is, but they must also think that she is way more easily intimidated. If anyone’s gonna make money or likes off her nipples, then it’s gonna be her, and no one else.

#IStandWithWhitney trending!! Whitney Cummings isn’t the one to bog down to blackmail; she shares her topless picture. 1
Whitney Cummings was being blackmailed.

Shortly, she was threatened again by the same bunch who claimed that they have access to her iCloud. But despite all the cheap threats and attempts to leech off money, she withheld the names of the blackmailers being considerable that those people might have been dumb kids and she doesn’t want their stupidity to leave a scar. Well, that was extremely considerate of Whitney despite getting blackmailed and threatened.

“Y’all can have my nipples, but not my time or money anymore.” She concluded the matter.

The massive support

Whitney received massive support from her friends and fans who launched #IStandWithWhitney campaign to support the star and appreciate her courage. Her friend and comic, Chris Delia, sent an embarrassing picture of his in boxers to show his support for her, which was soon followed by more such tweets from other users. Overwhelmed with the support, she thanked everyone for their attempts to make her feel better and stand with her.

And this is not the first time that a celebrity has been blackmailed, back in June, actress Bella Thorne was also blackmailed in a similar fashion, and she had got back at the extorters by reposting her explicit photos.

We applaud Whitney Cummings for her brave step. Her courage is commendable.