‘Islander’ Molly-Mae Hauge to be protected by 24/7 security after receiving death threats!!!

Source: Her.ie

The Love Island’s contestant, Molly-Mae Hague, has been given a 24/7 security. The bosses of the show have decided to deploy bodyguards with the 20-year old wherever she goes. This comes after Molly received death threats. To make her feel safe, this decision came into effect.

Source: Daily Mail

Molly-Mae was together with the boxer, Tommy Fury in the show. The couple didn’t win the show but became the runners-up. The viewers had a divided opinion about them. Few of them felt that the couple was genuine while other viewers thought that they were faking it.

Molly-Mae was accused of being with Tommy just for the sake of it. She could have won with Tommy, that’s why she decided to be with him. Not only this, but some of them also said that she was playing games with him to win the cash -prize.

Rumors of their split started floating in the air because they weren’t seen together after the show. The 20-year old girl has already landed in the UK surrounded by security.

Source: Manchester Evening News

Insiders from the show have said that the couple is very much together. Her co-contestants have also supported the young girl by saying that she is a genuine person and a sweetheart girl.

Love Island is a British reality show. The show is a sequel of Celebrity Love Island, which aired on ITV in 2005 and 2006. Love Island relaunched on 7th June 2015 on ITV2. Unlike Celebrity Love Island, the contestants on Love Island are selected from the general public. The show has a group of contestants who are called Islanders.

These Islanders have to couple with each other for love, money or friendship. As a couple, they must complete specific tasks to proceed in the show. The couple which makes it to the end and wins gets a cash prize of £50,000.