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Is Will Smith trying to hide Jaden Smith’s health issues? Here’s what we know.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s concern about their son, Jaden Smith surfaced around the month of September. The 21-year-old rapper health is deteriorating and he is apparently dying due to nutritional imbalance.

The son of a famous actor and producer Will Smith, Jaden Smith who has been quite much popular not because of his father, but because of his own work in the industry. His skills in acting and rapping were the ones who eventually turn him into a new teenage heartthrob after being the main lead of “The Karate Kid”.


The 21-year-old rapper’s health started worsening ever since he turned to vegan. The Smith family arranged an intervention where they talked about taking measures that would bring his health back to normal. In September, the 21-year old was hospitalized in Australia due to extreme weakness and had recently adopted a vegetarian diet, which led him to lose weight rapidly and becoming vulnerable day by day.

Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett are really worried about their son Jaden Smith’s current worsen condition of health. People came to know about it back in September when their son had turned light and gray due to what seems to be as nutritional polarity.

Will Smith and his wife, Pinkett Smith are very worried about what the future will hold for their child.  They are doing everything possible, providing all the best healthcare facilities, arranging his appointments with the doctors, and what not to make him well.

The prominent 21-year-vintage rapper Jaden Smith who we as a whole have seen in numerous film adventures in notorious jobs, for example, Dre Parker in Karate Kid, in Pursuit of Happyness close by his Father Will Smith, After Earth, and so on.


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