Is Van Lathan leaving TMZ live? After he was suspended for getting into a contention with his coworker!!

Who is Van Lathan?

Van Lathan, the famous reporter who shot to fame last year after he raised a challenging controversy on Kanye west after the rapper said that slavery was a “choice,” has recently jumped back to another controversial issue. Van Lathan of TMZ live was fired after he got into an argument with his coworker Michael Babcock.

What was the dispute about?

The dispute: on October 21, 2019, at around 8:34 pm, while Lathan and Babcock were shooting for the episode of TMZ live, they got into a verbal altercation on the issue of politics. Although the disputed segment was edited out, the two disagreed over the issue, which later got so much heated up that Lathan was suspended by the newsroom a week and a half ago.

It could also be brought into the formation through a source that after Lathan finished shooting and was making a way out, he decided to return and confront the coworker. He suddenly grabbed Babcock’s neck, choking him from behind; the claim wasn’t proven without evidence until Tuesday when pictures emerged confirming the Lathan did got physical during the argument. In response to Lathan’s confrontation, Babcock asked him not to embarrass him in such a way; otherwise, the consequences would be more troublesome the next time.

After the issue became news, Lathan declined to respond to page six reporters who tried to get the detailed information; also, TMZ claimed to keep their mouth shut over the issue.
Lathan twitted on Twitter and Instagram, saying that he was “okay” to all his well-wishers who twitted him showing concern.

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While talking about Babcock, no such activity was seen on his part. He seems to be covered as he’d been silent since the day with no tweets and private insta profile.

Fans Disappointment with TMZ

The dispute disappointed the fans, who actually watched the show because of Lathan, and now they don’t have any more interest in watching the show. Fans also claimed TMZ has a racial double standard after they fired only the black employee and not the white one even though both got into the contention.

Now the question lies unanswered whether Lathan will return back to the show or not? We wish luck for his future endeavors.