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Is the Popular Drama Series Big Little Lies Season 3 Happening Anytime Soon? Find Answers Below

While popular drama series Big Little Lies season 2 ended with a proper closure for most of the characters along with a big revelation at the end! However, fans are wondering whether there’s more to it for the ladies.

Is Big Little Lies Season 3 Happening After The Twist In Season 2 Finale?

As fans saw the shocking twist when Bonnie finally confessed and turned herself in for pushing Perry down the stairs on that dreadful night. With this huge revelation out in the open, all the loose ties tied up for good with Monterey Five finally freed from the big lie.

Moreover, every  leading character was given a proper closure as they moved in with their respective personal issues that were more or less resolved. However, there were still a few things that were not revealed at the end, and we wonder whether a third season is happening or not! We need to know what happened to Bonnie after she confessed the truth and what is going to be the aftermath of this.

Some Of The Leading Stars Are Keen To Return For Another Season.

Both Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern are quite interested in the idea of the whole third season idea. The leading stars further discussed during an Instagram Live about how they miss their characters. Moreover, they also talked about some potential celebrity cameos that might happen in season 3, if renewed.

Even Nicole Kidman has earlier expressed her interest in returning for a third season of the popular drama series. Moreover, the Aquaman star further revealed that there are some potential ideas for the third season as well. We hope the leading ladies join hands for yet another big adventure ahead. 

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