Is the cult classic “The Night before Christmas” getting its sequel? Here’s what we know about it.


Disney is remaking a lot of their earlier animated classics with live-action or CGI now. The Night Before Christmas seemed like an unusual choice to go through that process. But apparently, we were wrong. Sources say that Disney is planning to remake the 1993 Gothic musical. The Night Before Christmas is one of the cult classics and the perfect movie to watch during Christmas or Halloween. Back in February, there were reports that Disney was showing their interest in making a sequel of the film, which is live-action.

And now sources say that this project is really happening. And here’s what we know about it yet. The new movie will be a sequel/reboot to the first one. So, it won’t look like a direct remake of the previous classic. However, Disney will also take care to preserve the essence of the original. The characters in the original were quite kooky. So even though sources say it will be live-action, it seems it will be more CGI.

Chris Sarandon, the voice behind Pumpkin King, revealed he would love to bring back Jack Skellington. While discussing the sequel, Chris said he’s ready to crawl on his hands and knees from west coast to east coast during any time of the year to do it again. He also added that he loved his character, and he loves that he is a part of the legacy of that character. On the other hand, it seems Tim Burton is against the idea of making a sequel. But considering the power of Disney, his opinion may not have much weight.

We would love a sequel, but we do not have any idea if the original cast will return for it. The fans on the Internet have a few theories of their own. One fan said Brendon Urie would be perfect as Jack Skellington. Another one said Johnny Depp should also star in the sequel. We hope there is more news soon regarding this topic. Till then, we can only wish for a spectacular sequel to the classic.