Is The 100 Season 7 impossible before August 2020? Check out when the 7th season is coming, cast, plot and latest updates.

The young survivors of our apocalyptic Earth are ready to return back for The 100. The writers and producers of this season has tried to pack this season with a plenty number of twists and turns. Anyways, we have not seen a lot of teasers or trailers to make out what the plot will be like.

When will it be releasing ???

Well, this is the one mostly asked questions whose answer every 100 fan wants to know. But sadly as of now, no official announcements regarding the release of the same is made. If one traces the trail of its release one can assume that the release would happen in the spring season i.e. in April but the announcement of its making was made on 7th August last year and its filming lately, began in August last year too.

The program is going to expire in the month of March this year, making it impossible to release The 100 Season 7 by April. To add, this season has additional special effects which requires a good time to do so. As a result, one can expect its release from the time period of August to October. But this is still a guess only. Yet, we know one thing for sure, and that is the number of episodes this season would have. It will have 16 episodes and along with that this Season would be the last of the series.

Who will constitute of the cast ???

Bob Morley will be roleplaying Bellamy Blake,   Clarke Griffin would be Eliza Taylor, Octavia Blake’s role will be played by Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey Morgan will play as Raven Reyes, Shelby Flannery will be taking up Hope’s character, Nikki is Alaina Huffman, Shannon Kook will be Jordan Green.

What will the plot revolve around ???

This being the last season would solve the mystery and will have battles too. It will also focus on the discrepancy of Octavia’s ghost.