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Is Steve Harvey upset with his daughter Lori Harvey over her relationship with Future? Find it out here.

Steve Harvey has been seen in the bond with Lori Harvey when the two had to share a unique bond of love with each other and had a unique time with each other. Lori has been much in the news for some time now and the reason has been the affairs that were expected to be true with no confirmation yet made by her.

She has been spotted with various celebrities and has been posing in photos with them. she has had a tough time in recent times when there were speculations of her pregnancy. Not with her partner, but a suspected person who has no marital ties with her and is yet seen with her. The celebrity is none other than Future.

What is the controversy concerning the two?

Future and Lori have been quite in the limelight for them expecting a baby together. This comes to everyone’s surprise including that of Steve when the pieces of information concerning this rumor have been on fire recently. The two have spent sufficient time together and that has led to those rumors floating around as explained. What comes, to everyone’s surprise, is that it hasn’t yet been confirmed by either individual and whether they will have the baby together is yet to be known.

What we know from the information available with us right now is that the two are expecting a baby and if things go well, the child will take birth in some time. If that’s so, fans would await the confirmation regarding who are the real parents of the child. This is the news that has been tracked by everyone worldwide after the rumors were given importance by the media and the speculation was spread out to them.

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