Is Sofia Richie Dating Someone Else After Her Alleged Breakup With Scott Disick? Why was there no birthday wish for Scott from her side?

It seems like after dating for almost three years there was trouble in paradise which led to a rather controversial breakup between Sofia Richie and Scott Disick. While the pair raised several eyebrows due to the obvious age difference, it seems like the pair have finally called it quits!

Has Sofia Richie Already Moved On After Her Alleged Breakup With Scott Disick?

However, the pair has been sparking breakup rumors for a long time after Scott Disick went to rehab yet again due to his personal problems following his parent’s death. While this might not be the exact reason for the breakup, but the communication gap might have added on to the split.

Sofia Richie fuelled this rumor after she was seen in a mansion in Malibu of a mysterious man, fans are speculating that she might be dating this man after her alleged breakup with Scott Disick. However, both of them have not directly addressed this while breakup fiasco!

The Couple Called It Quits After Three Whole Years! Here’s What A Know.

While the exact reason for the breakup is not yet revealed but it might have something to do with Scott’s addiction issues or his recent Colorado rehab visit. While Scott’s lawyer has received that he went to rehab to recover from the emotional struggle that emerged after his parent’s death. Although Sofia has always been very supportive of Scoot and they had a pretty good relationship over the years.

While the breakup came as a shock for fans, there’s still no confirmation from both the parties as of yet. Has Sophie already moved on? Who is this mystery man in the picture? We might have to wait for a while to know that.