Is Rapper 6ix9ine is all set to get back to music in 2020 after getting released on cooperating with the state officials??

The “GUMMO” rapper, Tekashi 6ix9ine, recently was held as a convict for being responsible for the criminal activities in New York.

The rapper was holding firm to the fact that he was not responsible for those activities at first, but later changed his mind and bargained the information of the members of the gang, Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, in order to reduce the sentence.

The 23-year-old has already spent 13 months in jail, as the latter was originally sentenced for 47 years and which reference for most of his life in prison but after his cooperation, his sentence is reduced with a fine of $35,000 with 300 hours of community service with the probation of never committing crime, once he’s out. He is expected to be out of prison in November 2020.

Judge Engelmayer also pointed out the rapper’s breakout “GUMMO” music video by stating “ He is not going to be charged for using the gang members as It was his right to show anyone in his music video as it’s an art, So, he is not going to sentenced for that.” The Judge also stated his much-affected crimes adding the Barclays Center altercation with Casanova and attempt to murder against Chief Keef in Times Square and other kidnappings and murder conspiracies.”

The young rapper also apologized for his act by stating “ I am really sorry for what I’ve done, I have let my fans and those who had faith in me down and also to those victims who were affected by my actions, I had the opportunity, and I should have remained true to myself, but I chose differently and messed up.” The latter was previously arrested for filming a 13-year-old on Instagram while doing sexual acts for which he was held guilty for the crime in 2015.