Is Pete Davidson quitting the comedy show ‘SNL’ ? What has happened? Click to know more!

Pete Davidson is a renowned actor and comedian. He is a member of the comedy show, ‘Saturday Night Live’. Currently, he is in talk of the town due to some of the news floating about him.

What is the news? What all has happened?

In a recent interview, Pete Davidson opens up about the fact of leaving the show named Saturday Night Live (SNL). He added that he wanted to leave the show last year only but has returned this year. He is now thinking to move ahead and take up new projects apart from SNL.

In the words of Davidson, ‘I really wanted last year to be my last year’. According to sources, he has faced a lot of challenges and difficulties over past few years. After his breakup with Ariana Grande he faced a mental setback and shared a disturbing message on Instagram leaving everyone in shock.

He has shared the reason for quitting the sketch comedy show SNL. Pete told that the makers used to make fun of him on it. He can’t figure out the environment of that place as to whose side you are on. There is no closeness between the actors there. Nobody gives a f*ck about what is going on. However, he said he no longer wants to play those sketches differently, because everyone on the set treats him like a “big dumb idiot” either way.

Is he doing a show on Netflix?

According to the recent news, we also got to know that Davidson might be launching a new Netflix show like Leslie Jones. It can be released most probably on February 25.

This news of Pete leaving the show went so viral that fans threaten that what will happen if he leave the show? We will let you know about all the further updates soon!