Is Miley Cyrus already in another relationship? Read to find out more.

It wasn;t that long ago when Miley Cyrus and her former husband, Liam Hemsworth split up in August. And it seems the popstar is already onto a new relationship after her split. On December 10, 27-year0old Miley and her new boyfriend, Cody Simpson had dinner with his mother Angie Simpson at the popular celebrity restaurant Nobu in Los Angeles.

Cody’s mother had just arrived from Australia to Los Angeles. Miley and Cody, with a group of friends welcomed her to the United States. She was excited to be with them.

They all enjoyed the pleasant evening and had a long and leisurely dinner in a private room. Miley was sitting with Angie most of the time and was very receptive to her. The dinner lasted a couple of hours and when it was complete, Cody drove off with Miley and his mom. They were spotted while leaving Nobu where Miley was seen dressed gorgeously in a black satin top, black pants, boots and added gold tones of jewellery throughout.

As reported, the Cyrus family has accepted him as one of their own. They really like having him around because he makes Miley so happy. The couple has been physically affectionate for each other recently.

On November 4, Cody was dancing shirtless with her in the wedding of Braisson Cyrus‘ with Stella McBride. For Halloween, they dressed up as Billy Idol and his ex, Perri Lister. Miley took a break from applying eyeliner on her man to give him a hot smooch in one of the many Instagram videos she posted that day.