Is Marriage Story All Set For Winning The Oscar For Best Picture? Details Given Below.

With the Oscar nominations creating the much-needed buzz around, it seems like all of the nominations are worth our time and attention.

Marriage Story Making All It’s Way To The Oscars! Here’s What We Know.

Noah Baumbach’s latest film Marriage Story starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver was widely appreciated by fans all over the globe. The film has also made it into the Oscar nominations. The film narrates the poignant yet funny story of a marriage breaking apart.

The film has been nominated for the best pictures at the Oscars. The film sure does have what it takes to win the prestigious award. The film at some point narrates Noah’s own divorce storyboard how it can get brutal at times. Adam Driver has displayed a whole new level of acting skills that range from deep emotions to even comic acts at the times. Even Johansson had somewhat of a tricky role.

What Are The Aspects That Led To The Nomination Of The Film? Let Us Have  a Look.

The film all over is just plain surreal and it’s just the beginning. The story has everything that it takes to win over viewers. The array of emotions that are displayed will surely sweep you by.

The story is not only about a break in the marriage but rather a story of love both selfish and unconditional at times. The two found each other however maybe there are issues which are too big to ignore and yet one cannot just leave behind the love they shared for all these years. The film will surely leave behind a mark in you mind and if you haven’t already watched it yet do give it a try.