Is Kingdom Hearts 3 really the best game of 2019?

If detracting rave is an factual judge, Kingdom Hearts 3 has somehow outpaced the massive assumptions the long anticipated game had outstanding up to its release on January 29.

Despite countless setbacks, info leaks and an engine chain, KH3 reaped a Metacritic score of an 88 on Play Station 4. Only Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 achieved a higher amass score with a massive 91 score for the stylish mutate of the 1998 classic.

PlayStation lifestyle racked up KH3 a cultivate 10, which is unlike from any certified publication.

The developer has polished and perfected the conflict. It kept its goofiness intact. It kept in the dingy themes and deep junctures of self reflection that we all need every once in a while.  It’s, quite openly, the best Kingdom Hearts game Square Enix has ever devised.

Calling KH3 the best of the episodes is high endorse for the next entry in such an epochal series with a sometimes fussy fanbase. Jonathan Dornbush of IGN wasn’t as head-over-heels in love, but he still belched mostly witticisms KH3′s way in his review.

For a game without an online existence that relies exclusively on its story to cheer, replay value is key. Not every gamer appreciates playing over games multiple times just to get all of the tidbits and extras, but when there is a title that compels you to, that’s a symbolic achievement.

KH3 doesn’t have any negative audits on Metacritic’s books. In fact, the lowest score it acquired from any appraiser is an 8. There are more than a few of appraisers who resolved on that score, and one of the more compelling essences came from Chris Carter of Destructoid.