Is Johnny Depp Returning Back to be Our Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise, which hasn’t Left Amber Heard very Pleased? Check Out the Details Below

Pirates of the Caribbean which is a very famous and loved film series, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, ran 5 successful series, is now back with the sixth series. Because of what was happening in Johnny Depp’s personal life everyone including the producer was not sure if she would continue with the series or leave. 

It’s very good news for the Pirates of Caribbean fans, that their favorite captain -Johnny Depp, will be returning for series 6 and it is confirmed. He has been an incredible actor in this series, and seeing him again would give fans delight more than anything.

Even though rumors were spreading that his role will be played by some other actor now if he refuses to continue, no one agreed, the show runs successfully because of this main character and if he leaves it’s going to get ruined.  He has always been in limelight throughout the show, and the producer felt if he leaves fans will no longer love the show. 

The acting skills he has, no other actor has and none can perform this captain role better than him. If some new captain comes, fans clearly mention they won’t accept it and it might affect the show’s rating. 

Series 6 is going to be quite interesting and entertaining as some new innovations are going to come up this time, which excites the fans more than anything.

The famous captain thought about everything and decided to return to the show.  His decision is not accepted by Amber Heard and when she heard it she was in fact very angry as the point she was trying to prove since long that she is being abused by him,  no one heard that, and people still want him to return.  Johnny Depp doesn’t care about this anymore as he knows what the truth is and everyone knows it now, he just makes sure he continues working as work is worship.