Is J.Cole suggesting that he may try out for NBA through his new sneaker ad? Check it out.

By 2 weeks ago

With his signature Puma sneaker set to drop on Friday, the clasp highlights Cole depleted in the rec center, as he is at the same time chipping away at his bounce shot out of sight. Ace P, who portrays the advertisement,  says, “You can’t be serious. I know you ain’t bout to try and do what I think you bout to try to do, cause that would be crazy. And you ain’t crazy, are you? I mean, what’s the odds?”

Could this be an insight that Cole is gunning for the NBA? In an ongoing article that Cole himself wrote for The Players Tribune, the Carolina rapper discussed how his objective was once to make it to the NBA before it was to make it into Jay-Z’s office and become a significant rapper. Named “The Audacity,” Cole shut the exposition by considering whether he can at present experience his different dreams regardless of whether he may be over the hill.

“However, as I approach the summit of this mountain, I still find myself staring at that other one in the distance, wondering if I can climb,” Cole wrote. “At 35 years old, I know that sounds crazy when said out loud, but I believe all of the best dreams do.”

Further implying that the promotion and Cole’s band dreams are associated is the way that Master P is describing it. Keep in mind, he had a functioning rap profession and went for the NBA simultaneously. While he never really played in an expert customary season game, he did play, and score a few focuses, in a preseason game for the Toronto Raptors.

P’s final words in the clip mirror what every fan might be thinking after watching it. “I think the homie really trying to do it,” he says.