Is Historical Anime Vinland Saga Coming For A Second Season Or Not ? What is Thornfinn planning? Read to know all exclusive updates on season 2!

After the huge overnight success of the popular anime show Vinland Saga, the second season is all fans need right now! The second is not yet announced but is pretty much inevitable considering how the first season turned out.  Let us take a look at al the details of the upcoming second season.

Vinland Saga Season 2: Release Date, Plot Development, And Other Details.

A reliable source informed that the second season is on the pipeline. However, there were also reports that the anime is not coming anytime before 2020. The studio is not yet announced anything officially yet. However,  second season is highly likely to continue the story.

Moreover, the manga’s story of historical explorer Thorfinn has just begun its final story arc and will most probably not finish until years from now. This implies that the anime series could stretch on for multiple seasons as a regularly renewed anime TV show.

What Will Possibly Happen In The Second Season Of The Historical Anime?

The historical anime is against the backdrop of the horrors of the Viking wars set during the turn of the 11th century. From the first episode, audiences find themselves in the middle of the year 987 Battle of Hjörungavágr. However, the overall story is a slow-burner that puts character-building and philosophy at the forefront with a certain flow that is looked into.

While the first season also faces some setback while it’s release, the serial was a high hit amongst fans. It is pretty sure that even the second season release will also, be delayed considering the recent turn of events. So the wait can be a bit prolonged than expected. We need to wait a bit longer .